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Substance Abuse



"After a long history of binge drinking, I got a DUI in 2017. One drink was never enough. I am a Registered Nurse. I lost my license for a year; I could not work. My whole identity was as an RN. It was a very humbling experience. I was placed into a diversion program. I was mandated to AA meetings 365 days. At first, I was scared, but after attending a while I finally embraced the AA program. I never thought I could stop drinking. I was "highly functional" and "the problem snuck up on me". I had to recall all the times I embarrassed the people I love, how many Christmases I ruined and how much I wasn't present in the lives of my children. When I surrendered to the Program, I became sober. I no longer have the urge to drink. I am married to a "normie", he enjoys craft beer, I tag along and have no problem with the sight or smell of alcohol. Now, I have a great job and I love being alcohol free. We do recover. It takes a willingness to acknowledge that you have a problem, and you WANT to deal with it. I now have 4.5 years sober, and I can confidently say I will not drink, my relationships are better, I sleep better, I lost about 30 pounds and I have more money at the end of the month. The benefits are awesome."

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