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alcohol cessation resources

Check out the lists below to learn about the many resources and communities that can help you quit for good.

Recovery Communities

You are not alone. Here are some platforms outside of the IQRR that offer peer support and groups.

  1. Have a problem with alcohol? There is a solution. | Alcoholics Anonymous (

  2. Self-Help Addiction Recovery Program | Addiction Support Groups (

  3. Home - Women For Sobriety

  4. Moderation Management Non-Profit for Self-Managed Alcohol Moderation

  5. SOS ( - Secular Organizations for Sobriety

  6. In the Rooms - In The Rooms: Recovering From Addiction & Online Addiction Meeting Community

  7. Daybreak ($) - Hello Sunday Morning | Change Your Relationship with Alcohol

  8. LifeRing - Online Meetings - LifeRing Secular Recovery %

  9. The Phoenix - National Sober Active Community | The Phoenix (Get physical active in recovery)

  10. Recovery Dharma - Recovery Dharma - Home


Recovery Communities
Treatment Directories


Check out these apps on your phone or tablet for easy access to support, motivation, and effective tools for sobriety.

  1. Reframe: "Use neuroscience to reframe your relationship with alcohol and unlock the healthiest, happiest you." Google Play or  Apple

  2. Loosid: "The Loosid App was designed to not only show the world that sober doesn’t have to be boring but to help this distinctive community of nearly 144 million Americans realize they’re far from alone." Google Play  or  Apple

  3. Club Soda: "Club Soda exists to help people drink more mindfully and live well."

  4. Sober Grid: "Sober Grid combines peer support coaching, its online community, digital therapeutics, and a digital library of mental health resources to help individuals achieve long term recovery." Google Play  or  Apple 

  5. Sober Tool: "This App has also been useful for treatment centers, alcoholism and addiction counselors, psychiatrists, and 12 Step Sponsors for the alcoholic or addict who need a resource for finding answers to common issues experienced by the alcoholic and addict." Apple

  6. WEConnect: "The app that creates intimacy, even when you are miles apart. Control the number one couples vibrator simply from your smartphone – and get even more features for your We-Vibe with the app." Google Play  or Apple

  7. I am Sober: Sobriety Tracker: "Track your sobriety with a community that understands what you’re going through."



People sharing thoughts and experiences about the recovery process.

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