Launched in September 2011, the International Quit & Recovery Registry (IQRR) seeks to understand what allows people to succeed in overcoming addiction, whether to tobacco, alcohol, drugs, or harmful behaviors.

Led by Warren Bickel, PhD, a world-renowned addiction researcher and director of the Addiction Recovery Research Center of the Fralin Biomedical Research Institute, the registry taps the insights and experiences of people who are in recovery from an addiction.

On a confidential basis, these Recovery Heroes provide scientists with information about their addictions and their paths to recovery. They may also be invited to participate in studies aimed at understanding how addiction affects the brain. This research may involve the completion of online questionnaires, the undertaking of web-based behavioral tasks, or participation in more in-depth studies at the Addiction Recovery Research Center in Roanoke, Virginia.


As the scientists learn about recovery from the Recovery Heroes, they will share those findings on the Registry website. Regardless of the level of their participation, all Recovery Heroes are encouraged to share their stories, to offer hope and inspiration to those struggling with addiction.

Local to Roanoke, VA?

Please consider participating in one of our ongoing studies! Take our confidential online screening questionnaire today to see if you are eligible.

Addiction Recovery Research Center
Transforming the understanding, treatment, and prevention of addiction

You can help us understand recovery! You are invited to complete an initial questionnaire and join our family of heroes. If you qualify, you will be invited monthly via email to complete a compensated monthly assessment. Moreover, you may be invited to participate in other compensated special assessments as they are available (see payment for more details). Your voluntary participation in our studies may enhance our knowledge about addiction and recovery, with the hope of benefiting those who are still working to overcome their addiction.

Participation is voluntary and you can stop completing a questionnaire without submitting it at any time. All communication on this password- protected website is encrypted, meaning the information that is transmitted is secure.

As a token of appreciation, every time you complete one of our assessments, you will earn a badge to display on your profile and will receive Recovery Research Reward (RRR) points. Every 100 RRRs can be redeemed for $1. The average reward for each assessment (which takes from 10-30 minutes) is about 400 RRRs with some assessments reaching 700 RRRs. If you complete the assessment during the first week it is posted, you will earn an extra 100 RRRs!  You can choose to redeem your points at any time for payment by clicking “Redeem RRR Now” on your profile page.

The IQRR website has many free online recovery resources from which you can benefit. In addition, you may have access to summaries of our scientific research papers.  Those papers are derived from what we have learned from our registrants at the IQRR. Moreover, you will have access to interactive blogs, interesting books, educational videos, addiction- and recovery-inspired art, and our contact information. We encourage you to utilize the recovery resources available and please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.

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