Alcoholics Anonymous

  • The worlds leading 12-step fellowship, designed to help people overcome drinking problems

Cocaine Anonymous

  • A program designed to assist in recovering from cocaine

Crystal Meth Anonymous

  • A program to assist in recovering from crystal meth

Debtors Anonymous

  • Designed to help those who are not in control of their spending

Gamblers Anonymous

  • A program designed to help individuals recover from addition to gambling

Narcotics Anonymous

  • An international association for recovering drug addicts

Marijuana Anonymous

  • A program to help people recover from marijuana addiction

Nicotine Anonymous

  • A program to provide support from those trying to quit smoking

Overeaters Anonymous

  • A program helping people overcome compulsive overeating

Sexaholics Anonymous

  • A program helping people to achieve sexual sobriety

Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous

  • A program helping people with sex and love addictions

Shopaholics Anonymous

  • A program helping people with compulsive shopping addictions

Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACA)

  • A forum for those who desire to recover from the effects of growing up in an otherwise dysfunctional family

Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous

  • A program for people who suffer from overeating, under eating, bulimia, or obsession with food or body size

Co-Dependents Anonymous

  • A program that helps people with codependency problems to learn to form healthier relationships

Computer Gaming Addicts Anonymous

  • A program for people who game compulsively and excessively

Recovery in the Lifestyle

  • A fellowship of BSDM (Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, and Sadomasochism) lifestyle people who are in recovery

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