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Long-TERM Study of Recovery (LTSR)


Study purpose

The purpose of this 3-year study is to understand substance addiction recovery and relapse and identify novel targets for future relapse prevention. Your decision to be in this study is voluntary. If you decide to be in this study and then change your mind, you can leave the study at any time without penalty. Study participation involves an online survey every 3 months. Each survey lasts about 1-1.5 hours. Total compensation over 3 years will be up to $1,280.  

We want to understand how often people in recovery from addiction, including alcohol use disorder, consume or used to consume alcohol. We also will look at how quality of life, employment, family relationships, housing, pain, and decisions change over time while in recovery. 


What this study involves

The study participation is limited to US residents. You will need to provide their address and SSN that will be verified to process payment. All of your answers to the survey will be confidential and used only for this research study.

You will complete the online survey on a computer, tablet, or smartphone in a location of your choice. You will be able to take a break at any time and once you start the survey, you may end the survey at any time for any reason. You may also stop taking part in the study at any time. While you will be taking the online survey by yourself, you can contact the study staff members in the event you have any questions or you encounter any technical problems. 


You will be compensated using a reloadable debit card (ClinCard) for completing each online survey. 


Potential risks

Study risks include discomfort about sharing sensitive information and loss of confidentiality. There may be social, legal, privacy, and/or economic risks if the confidentiality of the survey is breached. To minimize the risks, the study team is trained to use approved and standard operating procedures to safeguard your privacy and sensitive information. There is no benefit to you from taking part in this study. Your participation is voluntary. The study results may help other people who are in recovery from addiction in the future. We will update you about any new information that might affect your health, welfare, or choice to stay in the research. 

Other information you need to know before participating

This research is being funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). 


If you agree to take part in this research study, we will compensate you $65 for the baseline assessment (~1.5 hours) and $40 for the first quarterly assessment (~1 hour) with escalating compensation based on the number of assessments completed (an increase of $10 for each future assessment completed; up to $140 for the last assessment in the study). If you leave the study early, you will be compensated only for the study assessments you completed. No partial payments will be provided for partial completion of any assessment. If you complete more than one assessment in a calendar year, you will receive an additional $25 for each additional assessment completed that year (up to $75 received at the end of each calendar year). Total compensation for all assessments over 3 years will be up to $1,280.  


To screen for the LTSR study, please:

1. Register to the IQRR and log in (free and anonymous; take ~1 minute; registration page; instructions)

2. Complete the LTSR pre-screener (take ~3-5 minutes; click here after registration)


You have to join the IQRR to participate in the LTSR.

Instructions to participate in the registry are here.


Prescreen for the Long-Term Study of Recovery (LTSR) today!


For more information, contact us at:



In addition to the screening for the LTSR study, you can participate in the IQRR monthly research.


Learn more about the IQRR. 





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