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Helping Others in Active Addiction


“Entered AA on November 26th, 1989, and will celebrate 26 years this coming November. Presently am serving as District Treasurer, coming up on my third term. Spirit of rotation has been forgotten, I enjoy this role and it allows me to serve. 1986 was fired from the position of Vice President of Sales for a local company, after having secured the position through training and expertise. Also made a geographical cure with my family to secure the job, lasted 2 years. 1991-1992 had 6 major eye surgeries, lost my drivers license, my new Management Position, and became a member of Canadian National Institute for the Blind. Created my own company from what I had learned in Management Training, lasted 3 years. Had one major customer and when they shifted their focus I was done. Secured a position as Executive Director of our local Boys and Girls Club, after 1 1/2 years my Thyroid stopped working, ended up in Mental Health wing of our local hospital for 6 weeks, after recovery they Board of Management refused to take me back. Sued for wrongful dismissal and received $60,000 after 1 year. Stayed sober throughout, as a dry drunk, 1998 thyroid went again, 4 weeks in Mental Health, learned some humility, did 90 meetings in 90 days, accepted the program, and have been sponsoring and doing service work since then.

Upon reflection I always drank alcoholically, no control, blackouts every time, all it took was one. Had to learn humility, honesty, compassion for others, change my perspective to one of one day at a time! There is more but this will be a good start.”

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