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Substance Abuse



"So my recovery story isn't exactly over yet. I still struggle with cravings& occasional relapses from time to time. But the best part about my journey is when I made the conscious choice to no longer feel bad about, nor chastise myself for whenever I screw up & have to start over. I found that the more I beat myself up for mistakes, the more I become a self-fulfilling prophecy of me screwing up and feeling like a horrible person every day.

Now whenever I screw up I try to get back on track as soon as I can. I try to be kind to myself in my minds voice. I had a drug councilor tell me a long time ago that no matter how bad you stumble in your recovery, never stop quitting again. It sounded very backwards to me at first, never quit quitting? Don't that mean I'll always be using? I said,. He said no, because someday you'll not go back to using so you won't have to quit anymore. And then it made perfect sense. Thankyou for listening to my sorta story. GodBless."

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