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Substance Abuse



"I drank to drown my feelings and be numb, so I didn't have to deal with or feel anything. Which worked for a time, but one was never enough for me. I could never just have one drink. It always turned into more. My drug of choice was more. The insanity of the disease kept me drinking despite the consequences. I did everything I could to keep drinking so I didn't have to feel anything. During a 6-month relapse alcohol stopped working for me and I hit bottom. I was finally able to surrender and know that I was powerless over alcohol and my life has become unmanageable. Today in recovery, I am free. I no longer have to drink in order to numb out my feelings. I am aware of them and can deal with them in the right way today. That is one of the many miracles that recovery has brought to me. Don't give up"

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