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Substance Abuse

Smoking Cessation


"I would first like to say that recovery came with me having to quit smoking cigarettes and having to lose 100 pounds. I had to change my whole lifestyle. First, I figured that I could keep smoking cigarettes but I will have to quit using meth. Then I thought you know what I'm gonna do, whatever it takes I'm gonna do. I'm gonna quit smoking meth no matter what. Then I thought it would be a whole lot easier if I just quit smoking cigarettes and quit smoking meth and quit drinking alcohol and lose the weight. If I just changed my whole lifestyle. So I quit smoking cigarettes three years ago. I haven't used meth in three years. I haven't drunk alcohol in three years and now I'm trying to lose 100 pounds that I've gained. I go to the gym daily (five days a week).I row for eight hours a day and I eat anything I want. I first started to run an hour a day seven days a week and now I'm rowing eight hours a day to lose the weight and the weight has fallen off. Thank you."

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