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Substance Abuse

Smoking Cessation


“I started smoking when I was 27 years old.  I was dating a man who smoked and I had one of his cigarettes.  I immediately loved it, and it was a continuous addiction until I finally quit, using hypnosis, at the age of 63.   I’m telling my story so that someone may read it who believes they’ve tried everything, and that there is no answer for them.   I felt the same way, but I am now a non-smoker and don’t miss it.  Really!

I tried pretty much everything to quit smoking over the years:   cold turkey (nope); the patch (nope); Chantix (helped, but I developed significant neurological problems that scared both me and my doctor…no nope on that one); gradual reduction along with behavior modification (nope); hypnosis while under general anesthetic for major surgery (pretty good….stopped for 4 1/2 years, but started again when my personal life hit a bump); and the “travelling  hypnotherapists” who come through town and give you a one-time shot (nope – and did it twice).

My doctor knows that I’d rather not take any drugs that I don’t absolutely have to, and she suggested I try hypnotherapy again, but a full on program from a local practitioner who has been curing people of smoking and overeating for over 40 years.  I went, bought 6 visits, and by the 3rd visit was no longer smoking.   No withdrawals, no backsliding, calm, cool and – – – no weight gain.

If you haven’t tried hypnosis for smoking cessation and/or weight control, please give it a try.  Be sure it’s someone with many years of experience and who is respected in your community.   You won’t regret it.”

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