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Substance Abuse



I'm 62 years old & since my ex passed away in 2014 resumed drinking etc as a means of keeping boredom/angst away. Until recently I would buy a 30-pack of beer & it would be gone in 2-3 days. Working with the IQRR surveys and 'games' (?) I've managed to cut back to a 15 pack on the weekend. (Yes - actually have a beer open right now... BUT it's NOT so many as I had before!)

You don't have to be superman and just quit cold turkey sometimes... if you're able to just reduce your intake and pick days where you will NOT drink/etc you can help clear up things day-by-day and week-by-week.

My personal goal is not to be a tea-totaller but to instead limit my intake to times when I do not have things that need doing and for damned sure to not drive anywhere under the influence.

High-five & hit the mosh pit - slam the man's drugs outta your life!



Rules are made for those who obey them - not those who made them.

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