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Substance Abuse



“What Do I Do When

·    My Stomach turns….I sit with it. What did I use to do?  Drink

·    The rush of tears well up in my throat and pour out of my eyes…I turn to God and talk to ease the pain What did I use to do?  Turn to alcohol to be my friend.

·    I lose a relationship with someone I’m in love with… I get busy and get involved with helping others or I volunteer for charities.

·    I feel like a total loser in life….I begin the process of ego checking, and attachment of false desires, I go into the 12 and read step 6. What did I use to do?  Drink alone and cry

·    I don’t get what I want…I write about what is really underlying in the want, and the importance of meaning behind the want. What did I use to do?…Drink, Drink, Drink and feel sorry for myself.

·    The unexpected happens…I pause, I pray, I breathe and then I act with calm control. What did I use to do?  React, freak out and lose control and drink.

·    I want a hug and no one is here to give me one….I pick up the phone and call a friend, I get in my car and go to a meeting, I call someone to come over and visit, I go see someone in the hospital, I make dinner for someone, I call my brothers or go and see them and give them a hug. What did I use to do?  Have affairs.

·    I’m afraid of losing what I have…I step into the steps and inventory my fears. What did I use to do?  Feel sorry for myself and become a victim.

I have learned so much more than any therapy session could have ever given me. Sitting in that chair for all these years have given me friends that are priceless.  I am very grateful to be among the greatest group ever established in the world.”

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