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Substance Abuse


Substance Abuse

"Well my story started about15 years ago. I had gotten with the 1st guy I was ever with. I already knew that he had had a drug problem in the past but I got with him in hopes that I could help him and change him.. Not taking in the end I would get drug back down with him. I was 16Years old. So now I end up pregnant with our daughter, she now is 18 years old Now I felt stuck. It was literally Before my 17th birthday when I drop out High school because I was pregnant, I ended up having her December 15 of 2005. Honestly I wouldn't change any of it. Soon after that, when she was approximately 2 months old, I was in an extremely bad car accident. Which is where it all started….

So this is where the story starts, I was put on opana30s and Percocet 30mg as needed or every 3 hours. So eventually my doctor wanted me to continue psychical therapy and I said “no way! I can do these movements at home. It’s too hard for me to get there.” Within 2 months, he cut me off of all my medicines. So having him be an ex addict I had nowhere else to turn. His mom still used I waz so so sick I had no choice and I snorted my first bag ever. And I LOVED IT!! Within a few mins I felt amazing, no pain, had energy it was great! That went on till I was 19. By then I was doing 50 bags a day (a brick).  It was horrible.  We ended up getting arrested. When you go to jail, females get pregnancy tested if they will be going thru any type of detox from meds. Which I was and that’s how I found out I was pregnant, in jail, without my man by my side. It was horrible. I have messed-up myself, my life, so they offered me To get on methadone which I did. And it was great. Luckily I worked the program and it really helped me a lot!! I have now, thanks to me working that program, my own home, a vehicle, and custody of my children!

It’s amazing if you really want something u can achieve it!!"

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