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2023 New Year Resolutions

By: Samantha Ward

What are positive affirmations?

We've likely each heard a few times in our lives that we need to be more positive; it's also just as likely that this saying has gone through one ear and out the other. While maintaining positive thinking may seem easier said than done, there is a solution that can help achieve and sustain a bright mindset: repeating positive affirmations. 

Positive affirmations are positive phrases or statements we repeat to ourselves to achieve our goals and manifest the dreams or 

experiences we desire. A favorite affirmation of mine is:


Peace comes to me easily 

Peace comes to me fast 

Peace loves my company 

When peace comes, it lasts. 

To personalize this affirmation you could replace peace with whatever word aligns with your desires. Other examples of affirmations include:

I am worthy of good things

I am stronger than I know 

I release yesterday's burdens and start fresh

I choose to attract positive energy everyday

How do they work?

While there has been much debate over whether or not positive affirmations actually work, there is neuroscience research on neuroplasticity that suggests why they do. 

Neuroplasticity is our brains' ability to strengthen and weaken connections between neurons based on how often they are firing and "communicating" with one another. Anytime you think, move your fingers as you type, or even sleep, neurons are firing and being used. Therefore, neurons are constantly firing and creating new connections. 

So, when we think positive thoughts about ourselves, the brain regions that fire in response to these thoughts grow stronger, which allows our brain to more readily believe these thoughts to be the truth.


In essence, the more you verbally or mentally repeat positive affirmations, the more likely that your brain will take these statements as fact because the connections between neurons become stronger. 

How do I use them?

Positive affirmations can be about anything you desire to achieve: self-love, growing positively from experiences, attracting abundance in many forms, etc.


What's critical to understand is that you must consistently repeat these affirmations on a daily basis. A good rule of thumb is to set a few minutes aside two to three times a day and repeat, write down, or listen to affirmations 10-20 times.

It's best to repeat affirmations before you fall asleep and right after you wake up. This is because your brain activity is closer to its subconscious state at these times. And with positive affirmations being embedded in a subconscious state, their impact becomes stronger. 

Is your new year's resolution to quit smoking or drinking? 

If so, below are examples of positive affirmations for each goal that I have created for you. Feel free to create your own, and remember to repeat them as often as possible to achieve your goals and manifest your desires this year!

- Sincerely, Samantha 

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